Discover Your Weaknesses

Learn through practice, education and failure.

When I was taking jazz lessons in Boston, I was complaining to my teacher that I wasn’t as good as I wanted to be and he said something like, “You will never be as good as you want to be so you should only be doing this if you enjoy the process”. The process of practicing and growing. I feel like that applies to much of life. Another useful lesson I got from my college classical trumpet teacher was, “You should be excited to discover your weaknesses. Because identifying them is what allows you to get past them”.


Some Lessons Are Not Ours To Give

Allow others to fail. The acquired experience will teach them far more than what we could ever say or do for them.

You are responsible for your own decisions. For those you are held accountable.

However, as an adult, the biggest heartache / heart release I’ve learned is that some lessons are not mine to leave. I am yet a bystander, my involvement is my choice and I must accept the outcome.

K. Jimaṝ