The Pillars

“The moment we try to compare ourselves to other people instead of comparing our own actions to our own highest values, we end up self-depreciative.” Dr. John Demartini

Accepting who you are, being authentic and finding joy in the now are the pillars that support unlocking one’s potential. It not only allows you to accept & love yourself, it allows others to as well. When you break down those barriers you will find peace, happiness & fulfillment.

Getting to this place is not easy but it is not hard. It requires practice, focus and vulnerability. The reward is great at the end. I hope everyone gets to this place.


Practice Forgiveness

Forgiveness – The elusive elixir for our own mental health. Often easier said than done.

Practice forgiveness. “People do many different things for many different reasons,” a mentor once told me when I was quite young. I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about until I became an adult…

Nobody is black or white, we’re all grey. Forgive.

Alejandro Ernesto Del Rio