Calibrate That Judiciously

We get so busy in balancing our social and professional life that we start knowing everything and everyone but forget about ourselves.

Listen to yourself – your inner voice.

Calibrate that judiciously against the wisdom of others but do what your soul says feels right.

There is just this one life. Live it wisely.


Our Barriers

You have it within you to unlock the mental chains that imprison you.

Our biggest barriers are the ones we create for ourselves. “I can’t”, “It won’t work”, etc…

Imagine what we can create together without these limitations. Listen to yourself, & others – NOT to respond, but to understand.

You are the only one living in your world, be considerate to those who are just trying to survive in theirs. ♡


Listening & our actions

Sometimes the kindest thing we can give is a smile and our silent attention.

Those with the kindest heart are usually the ones who have gone through some of the most difficult times. Continue to be a guiding light and ray of positivity for those around you – friends, family, strangers, etc. You never know how your actions or act of just listening may impact the individuals that you touch throughout your life!