Responsibility To One’s Self

When we better ourselves, we better those around us.

I have a long family history of drug abuse & alcoholism which has deeply affected my life / family. Luckily I don’t struggle with these issues. Over the years I’ve learned I can’t fix or force the people in my life to be better. I am only responsible for myself – & only I am capable of making myself happy.


Be The Person You Needed Growing Up

We can find strength within ourselves. In times of need, consider the poem “Invictus“.

Be the person you needed growing up.”

I can’t remember where I read this quote but it resonated with me after my divorce and slowly coming out to friends and family. I may not make a global impact but if one queer poc (person of color) feels represented with the work I do would be more than worth the sadness and loneliness I grew up in.

M. Thande